Fire Detection & Notification System

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  • Fire, Gas and Extinguishant System

    The SI-90 system has been designed to meet the heaviest functional reliability and availability requirements, particularly of the companies that operate in the field of energy production and transformation, where it shows excellent resistance to electromagnetic disturbances and a continuous operability in difficult environmental conditions.

  • Manual Call Point

    Connecting to the loop of SHIELD fire alarm system, BG-I450F Digital Manual Call Point (the MCP) is suitable for public places. When there is fire, pressing the action plate on the MCP can send the alarm signal to fire alarm control panel. After receiving the signal, the control panel will show address information of the MCP and generate alarm sound.

  • Open Area Beacon

    The Open Area Beacon Visual Indicator has been developed for use in situations where there is a risk that sounders will not be heard.

  • Smoke Detector

    SHIELD Photo-Electric Smoke Detector works on the light-scatter principle and is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smoldering fires are likely.