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  • Access Panels

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. has proven to be one of the top manufacturers of access panels in the industry, and offers custom-made sizes and designs.

  • Acoustic Doors

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. provides acoustic doors that are designed to provide many sound-proofing benefits. Being a mandatory requirement for loud environments such as manufacturing facilities and music studios, these doors are also increasingly required for office and business environments. We supply acoustic double doors fire rated as part of our comprehensive service.

  • Blast Proof Doors

    Blast Proof Doors are designed to protect human life from any accidental explosion that may occur at petrochemical plants or industrial manufacturing facilities.

  • Fire Rated Doors

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. supplies steel doors that combine fire resistance with functionality without compromising any aspect of either. These steel doors types reduce the spread of fire and enable safe egress, in addition to offering the highest degree of compartmentalization.

  • Fully Glazed Doors

    Glazed Doors are suitable where aesthetical, well-lit environments are required in addition to situations where clear vision is needed throughout a room. As part of our wide range, we supply staircase doors, 90 minute fire rated door, and fire rated entry doors from the garage.

  • Rolling Shutters

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. is the leading supplier of rolling shutters and steel louvered doors. Our manually operated shutters are installed with the latest spring systems available on the market which ensures that even large shutters can be lifted with minimal effort.

  • Sliding Doors

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. supplies sliding doors that combine clever engineering, versatility and durability to create the ultimate utilization of space possible.

  • Wood Finished Steel Doors

    We offer a wide range of wood finished steel doors to suit various customer needs.