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  • Bund Pourer

    The Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. NP series Medium Expansion foam pourers are specifically designed and manufactured meeting the highest quality standards ensuring the delivery of high quality homogenized foam to the required area of protection.

  • Foam Chamber

    Foam Chamber is used in one of the most common application to protect vertical fixed roof (cone) liquid storage tanks, with or without internal floating roof with the low expansion foam system. The application of foam is on the basis that the risk comprises the total surface area of the fuel. The foam system design guidelines generally used are in accordance with NFPA-11, standard.

  • Foam Maker

    Foam Maker is used for one of the most common applications of protecting tank seal in vertical liquid storage tank with internal floating roof with low expansion foam system. The application of aspirated foam is on the basis of the risk comprising the area in the annular ring between the rim of the floating roof and the tank shell.

  • Foam Monitors

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. monitors were specially designed to meet the requirements of municipal, petrochemical and industrial applications. They ensure precise directed stream of water or foam with a large variety of options of flow rates and pressure which make it the ideal choice.

  • Foam Nozzles

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. nozzles are designed for a wide range of applications, which requires different flow patterns like the fog or straight stream pattern to extinguish fire or for cooling of the flammable liquid storage tanks surface or for providing protection against radiant heat.

  • Foam Sprinkler Head

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. Foam Sprinkler Heads Mounted within the roof structure provides an even distribution of foam assuring fast flame knock down and fire control. They also provide cooling to the structure and protection from heat radiation.

  • High Expansion Foam Generator

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. Mobile Foam Generator is a high expansion foam generator designed to expand foam solution into many millions of tiny stable bubbles of foam. No other source of power such as electricity or gasoline engine is needed.

  • Low Expansion Foam Branch Pipes

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. Foam Branch pipes are air aspirated nozzles for application of foam solution. They have been developed to combine superior throw with the ability to produce stable, cohesive foam.

  • Medium Expansion Foam Branch Pipes

    Medium Expansion Foam Branch pipes are designed to produce large qualities of foam in situations requiring rapid foam cover with low water usage. It has the advantage of producing five times more foam with the same amount of water than compared to Low Expansion Foam Branch pipes.

  • Rim Seal Pourer

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. Rim Seal Foam Pourer consists mainly of Foam Maker, a windshield and an integral deflector. The Rim Seal Foam Pourer is designed to deliver fully aspirated foam directly to the annular seal area of open top floating roof tank.