Proportioning Devices

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  • Balance Pressure Proportioning Skid

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. Balanced Pressure Proportioning Pump Skids are designed to precisely proportion the foam concentrate into the water stream. The systems function over a range of flows and pressures. The Balanced Pressure Pump Proportioning System functions by maintaining an equal pressure in the foam concentrate inlet and water inlets to the proportioner, which allows the proportioner to be used over a wide range of pressure and flows.

  • Bladder Tank Pre-Piped

    Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. Pre-piped Bladder Tank is a complete self-contained proportioning system consisting of a bladder tank, ratio controller, and assembled piping. It is designed to inject foam concentrate into the water supply of a fire protection system and automatically proportions over a wide range of flow and pressures without the use of external power supply.

  • Hydraulic Concentrate Ball Valve

    Hydraulic Concentrate Ball Valves come in standard sizes ranging from 1.0 in to 2.5 in (DN25-DN65) to match the concentrate inlet thread (or flange) size on Safety Utility Engineering Ltd. Proportioners and Inline Balanced Pressure Proportioner (ILBP) assemblies.

  • Inline Balance Pressure Proportioner

    The Inline Balance Pressure Foam Proportioners are used with positive displacement foam concentrate supply pump. The system controls accurately the flow of foam concentrate into the water stream over a wide range of flow rate and pressure.

  • Ratio Controller

    Pressure Propotioner is used to produce constant preset foam solution in pressure proportioning systems. It is designed to inject automatically the correct quantity of foam concentrate into a water stream over a wide flow rates by balancing the pressure of the foam concentrate with that of the water supply.